5 Ways to Break the Ice and Start a Conversation

6:37 pm

Written by Varenya Vijaykumar

Starting a conversation can be difficult, and starting a conversation with strangers. That’s probably a nightmare for a lot of folks. But there’s no shame in feeling nervous about it! Some of the most common places where we happen to bump into people can turn into opportunities to socialize. Whether you’re at a gym, a club or even your local spa, it’s easy to start up a conversation, once you get over your fear of making the first move.

Things To Think About

Before getting into the details of what constitutes an icebreaker, let’s address one key point. It is essential that you not become demoralized if the first few attempts don’t yield results. It takes time to establish a good and strong connection. The world is an ocean so sometimes, you might get plastic bags, and it’s healthy to accept that it happens. Don’t second guess yourself or feel hurt for longer than you have to and move on. Don’t let something like this discourage you either.

Just remember ice breakers are just a way to establish familiarity and the first step towards establishing a meaningful social connection. As with any relationship, these things take time and effort, and it is ALWAYS a two-way street. You’re not obligated to keep trying to be friendly when the other person doesn’t reciprocate the gesture. It’s okay to step back in such a situation, you’ve not lost anything.

Five Icebreaker Favourites

  • A time-tested icebreaker is the weather. It affects everyone, and you always have something in common to empathize with or enjoy. It might sound like a cliche, but it does work. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it as the saying goes.
  • Asking for help or advice is a great way to initiate social interactions. Of course, not everyone will be helpful or friendly, but it is a great way to establish a connection.
  • Try to be polite and helpful, as much as you can. Sometimes, what works is even a polite greeting to someone you see every day as part of your routine. The people who see your worth and appreciate your kindness will reach back, and the act of kindness you show will make you feel better about yourself.
  • Hobbies and entertainment! Of course, this icebreaker is a melange of the situation and your own effort. Take a break, engage and go out to a place where you get to do what you love. It might not always translate into a friendship, but it will serve as a friendly social interaction which will serve you well.
  • Volunteer work is an excellent way to feel better about yourself and find a sense of community. Helping others is rewarding and contributes toward your mental well-being too.

Be Yourself, And You’ll Sell!

One of the best ways to tackle life is to be content with yourself and who you are. Don’t isolate yourself with the thought that you can’t have a social life because you don’t have a gang to hang out with. And don’t devalue yourself. Don’t hide parts of yourself because a part of you is telling you to. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that includes you. Acceptance is the key to being accepted.

Let’s end this with something interesting to think about. Making friends is like marketing and selling a product, and that product is you. So don’t down value the product. Instead, work on shining the spotlight on the best features of the product. It might feel slow, but any marketer worth their salt will tell you that it takes time to launch and build a buzz. And in the interim, what you do is build a strong foundation and narrative for it. And once you’ve put in your share of the work, sit back and watch the results of your flow in!

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