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The Human Connectivity Platform

We’re empowering people and organizations to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030

Women-Owned Business Enterprise

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are seeking innovative solutions to remain competitive and grow. One of the ways companies can achieve this is by diversifying their suppliers, which can help them gain access to new markets, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Our Background

OOt is the human connectivity platform that helps individuals and businesses connect and collaborate more effectively. The company, a certified woman-owned business under WBE Canada, is led by a team of experienced professionals, including its CEO and Co-founder, Thyagi DeLanerolle.

Supporting SDGs:


OOt – The Human Connectivity Platform (HCP) can support the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by facilitating collaboration, communication, and information sharing among individuals, communities and organizations.

UN Goals


Good Health and Well-being – by offering health and wellness resources and support to individuals through the platform.


Gender Equality – by promoting and supporting women’s leadership and empowering women through the platform.


Decent Work and Economic Growth – by creating job opportunities and supporting economic growth in the communities where the platform operates.


Reduced Inequalities – by promoting inclusion and equal access to opportunities through the platform.


Sustainable Cities and Communities – by supporting the development of sustainable and connected communities through the platform.


Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – by promoting transparency and accountability in the platform’s operations and activities.


Partnerships for the Goals – by working with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve the SDGs and create positive change.

Supplier Diversity:

OOt – The Human Connectivity Platform (HCP), led by a minority female-led business, can help enterprises achieve their supplier diversity goals by diversifying their supplier base and supporting the growth of women and minority-owned businesses. This promotes economic empowerment and inclusivity, while the HCP’s emphasis on collaboration and information sharing can lead to better outcomes for all involved.

Benefits of Working with OOt:

Access to a diverse talent pool: OOt is a woman-owned business that is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By working with the company, companies can gain access to a diverse talent pool that can bring new perspectives and ideas to their business.

Improved performance: By streamlining communication and facilitating collaboration, the HCP can reduce miscommunication, increase efficiency, and foster innovation. As a result, enterprises can improve productivity for better results.

OOt Social
Support for SDGs: OOt can help companies demonstrate their commitment to SDGs such as Gender Equality and Health and Well-being, enhancing their reputation and brand image. This not only attracts socially conscious consumers but also fosters loyalty and trust among stakeholders.

Making Social Social Again

OOt Social helps you See, Chat and Connect with the social world around you in real time.