Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves to feel like they belong and we’re on a mission to end loneliness.

Thyagi - CEO

Paul - CPO

Camilo - CTO

Daniel - Developer

About Us

Disengaged workforce due to loneliness costs the global economy a whopping $450 billion every year.
OOt provides a solution to this problem by powering human connectivity, helping people create and maintain meaningful in-person connections and encouraging community growth. Our platform helps boost employee morale, engagement, and well-being.
Organizations can benefit from OOt through improved workplace culture and increased productivity and innovation.
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OOt Advisors

Tami Cabanis
SVP HR PayPal     

Chris Tsakalakis Former 3 time CEO   

Steve Joordens Professor of Psychology University of Toronto  

George Alifragis GTM Executive 

Origin Story

Loneliness can strike at any time, especially when we move to new places. Thyagi DeLanerolle, CEO of OOt, understands this firsthand. When she moved to downtown Toronto, she faced a loneliness crisis in both her personal and professional life.
That’s when she teamed up with Paul Gries, a professor from the University of Toronto, to create a research-driven app that would help people connect with like-minded individuals based on proximity, interests and intentions.