Addressing Workplace Loneliness:
OOt's Platform Makes Human Connection a Priority

Discover the Press Buzz, Research, and Mission Behind OOt’s Mission to Eradicate Loneliness, Fostering Productivity and Well-being in the Office and Beyond.

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Research, Articles & Press

Research Studies:

The Murthy Report: Understanding the Impact of Loneliness

The SOCIAL Framework: Enhancing Work and Employment Through Connection

The Impact of Social Connection on Well-being: A Research Study

Canadian Social Connection Survey 2021: Insights by GenWell Project

The Psychological Effects of Social Isolation: A Scientific Study

Unveiling the Link Between Social Connection and Mental Health

The Liking Gap in Conversations: Wharton's Intriguing Findings

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Articles & Reports:

The Murthy Report: Understanding the Impact of Loneliness

Loneliness and Burnout: The Hidden Link at Work

Deloitte's Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace

Gen Z and the Future of Work: Insights from Deloitte

State of the Global Workplace 2022: Key Findings by Gallup

Work in Progress: Accenture's Perspective on the Future of Work

Making the Office Social: HBR's Insights

The Future of HR: KPMG's Comprehensive Report

Rebuilding Social Capital for Improved Corporate Performance: McKinsey's Perspective

The New Future of Work: Microsoft's 2022 Report

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Press Releases:

MP Ryan Turnbull to Champion Social Innovation and Support OOt's Mission of Promoting Social Connections in Alignment with Global Loneliness Awareness Week

Unveiling the Future of Work: OOt Launch Party to Showcase Revolutionary Human Connectivity Platform

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