Using HRIS for future of work

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In today’s digital age, the role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is expanding beyond just administrative tasks. When integrated with a human connectivity platform like OOt, HRIS can be a game-changer for improving employee engagement and can redefine future of work. Thanks to innovative technologies like Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), fostering engagement is now more streamlined and efficient. Add a human connectivity platform like OOt into the mix, and you’ve got a winning combo!


At OOt, we’re bridging the gap between HRIS and human connectivity, providing a comprehensive platform that fosters engagement and promotes a vibrant work culture. Here are some of the effective techniques to harness the power of HRIS on our platform to boost employee engagement. 

Personalized Learning Paths for future of work

HRIS allows HR professionals to create personalized learning paths based on an individual’s role, skillset, and career aspirations. Integrated with the power of human connectivity, these paths can be adapted in real-time, leading to more engaged and motivated employees. Pair this with OOt’s connectivity, and you create an engaging, collaborative learning environment.

Real-Time Feedback 

HRIS facilitates real-time feedback – a powerful tool for boosting engagement. When incorporated into OOt, feedback becomes an interactive and continuous process, facilitating growth and learning. A key feature of HRIS on human connectivity platforms is the ability to provide and receive real-time feedback. This not only encourages open communication but also helps employees feel heard and valued, which ultimately boosts engagement levels defining promising future of work.

Community Building through human connectivity platform 

Building a community within your organization is easier with a human connectivity platform. HRIS can support this by identifying common interests and skills, creating forums and discussion groups, and facilitating interactive activities and events. Integration of HRIS with a human connectivity platform like OOt nurtures a truly collaborative environment. This sense of community, of being part of something bigger, significantly boosts employee engagement.HRIS fosters two-way communication, an essential aspect of engagement. With OOt, this communication takes on a new dimension, promoting deeper connection and collaboration.

Career Development Opportunities 

One way to improve employee engagement is to provide career development opportunities. HRIS can aid in this process by identifying gaps in skills and training, helping employees progress in their career paths, and keeping them engaged and motivated. 

Recognition and Rewards 

Recognizing and rewarding employees is an essential part of boosting engagement. HRIS systems, when paired with a human connectivity platform, can make this process streamlined and fair, ensuring all achievements are celebrated, and efforts are rewarded.

The advantages of using HRIS on a human connectivity platform to improve employee engagement are multifaceted. Not only does it streamline processes, but it also promotes a sense of community, offers personalized learning paths, encourages real-time feedback, and supports career development. 

Clearly, HRIS, when coupled with a human connectivity platform like OOt, can drastically enhance employee engagement. By offering real-time feedback, personalized learning opportunities, enhanced communication, a collaborative environment, and a system for recognition and rewards, the combination is a game-changer for HR practices.

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