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Can I start with a pilot?

Of course! There are lots of flexible ways you can get started with OOt. We’ll work with your team to understand your goals and figure out the best way to roll our solution out across your organization.

Where are conversations hosted?

To make things nice and simple, conversations are hosted right in the virtual meeting platform your company already uses like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

How much will OOt cost?

The cost can be found in our pricing page.  For enterprises, please contact sales to best customize a plan that meets your needs. 

How long does implementation take?

Our team works closely with your teams to ensure a smooth implementation, generally taking about 60 days.  We offer continued guidance from a dedicated Customer Success Manager after the launch of OOt so you can make sure you’re getting maximum value out of OOt.

Can I get a demo?

Our solution has amazing capabilities and is ready to show you! Submit our demo form and one of the helpful folks from our partnership team will give you a guided tour that covers all your questions. Get started now – we can’t wait for you to see what it can do!

How do most customers use OOt?

At the heart of what we do lies connection – and right now, building real-life relationships is more essential than ever. Whether you’re a member or leader in your organization looking for conversations about diversity & inclusion or an intern wanting to make new friends; it’s never been easier (or tastier) with coffee or lunch meetings and beyond! Explore fresh perspectives within yourself as well as others on our mission towards creating meaningful connections that will surely benefit everyone involved.

Does OOt have integrations?

With our intuitive user experience, introducing OOt to your team is a piece of cake. We’ll work with you every step of the way – from uploading users and sending out unique login links to each employee’s corporate email address, right through hosting conversations on existing virtual meeting platforms like MS Teams and Slack. What could be simpler? Plus, when an employee no longer has access their company inbox – there’s zero offboarding required!

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